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Acrylic painting on canvas 47 x 47 inch (120 x 120 cm) 2009                             
Acrylic painting on canvas size 20 x  55 inch (50 x 140 cm)- 2014
Acrylic painting on canvas 31 x 31 inch (80 x 80 cm) 2009                             
Acrylic painting on canvas 100 x 100 inch (100 x 100 cm) 2009                             
Acrylic painting on canvas 31 x 47 inch (100 x 120 cm) 2009                             
Liox was born in 1963 in Paris. Between 1980 and 84 he(it) studies in the school of graphic arts Corvisart. The bibliothéque of the school contains a fund(collection) of works and graphic art magazines which it consults dedicatedly. Graphic designers' images such as Tomi Ungerer, André François, Saül Steinberg make him(her) discover the universe of the illustration and the poster, Liox will illustrate about ten books(pounds) for children (Publishing(Editions) Magnard) of which a paper by him even. He travels in Brazil and is welcomed by Pietro Maria Bardi, the co-founder of the MASP - Museum of Art of São-Paulo - which offers him(her) a room to expose(explain) its drawings. Liox in so displayed(exposed) or to realize happening for thirty years in multiple places: gallery Caroline Corre, museum of the Post office, City hall of the 4ém district of Paris.
Acrylic painting on canvas size 31 in x 43 in (80 x 110 cm) 280 euros
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